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Google’s New Local Search Results Causes Eyes To Itch, Tilt, Spin, Bleed, Implode

Is Google’s new “Place Search” driving you crazy?  Giving you a migraine? Causing you diarrhea? Well, us too, along with a ton of users, bloggers, SEO’s, clients, women & children…even the family dog can’t make heads or tails of Google’s new local search results. Ok, for Google-watchers this has been on the agenda for several months now. We first caught…read more →

Is Your SEO Program in Good Hands?

Yes, there was a time when link farming, managing multiple sites, submitting your website to directories & search engines each month, updating your meta-data and other “SEO techniques” were the keys to increasing your online exposure.  There was also a time that the world was considered flat, people used the yellow pages, and women couldn’t vote.  Things have certainly changed,…read more →

Las Vegas SEO Firm Welcomes New Director of Business Development

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the Advise Media Group team! I have worked with the company as a client for the past year and have seen the amazing results Advise Media delivers with its Las Vegas SEO and SEM programs. I jumped at the opportunity to join the team as the Director of Business Development and look…read more →

301 Redirects for SEO: How to Properly Migrate to a New Domain

Amidst the mass confusion (and conflicting information) regarding the utilization of 301 redirects comes clarity in the voice of the CEO of SEO.  When migrating to a new domain, many SEO’s overthink the usage of 301 as a means to an end, causing paralysis by analysis and, ultimately, failed attempts to manage this crucial aspect of search engine optimization.  At…read more →

Top Ten Reasons Your Search Engine Marketing is Failing

10. Everyone claims to be a SEO Guru. Or a professional poker player. Or has a real estate license. Or all of the above. AKA… “unemployed.” 9. Google and the FBI have one thing in common; they know how to keep a secret. Really, really, well. Understanding the former separates Great SEO from the fray. 8. Keeping clients ignorant prevents…read more →

8 Things Your SEO Should Never Say

Working as a legitimate, Las Vegas SEO firm in an industry fraught with skepticism has it challenges (as well as its joys), many of which can be directly linked to so-called “SEO experts” that are the root cause of an ongoing issue that grows year by year. As the CEO of SEO, I simply cannot put into raw numbers the…read more →

Las Vegas SEO Firm Helps Small Biz Navigate Rough Economic Waters

Advise Media Group, a Las Vegas SEO firm, feels that most, if not all of Nevada’s small and mid-sized businesses can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) to help offset an economy battered by three consecutive years of tough punches. It has not been an easy time for Nevada’s businesses since the real estate bubble collapse that began in early…read more →

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