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Most Popular Google Searches Today

The popular searches are funny, sexy, and positive. Use the Google keyword search tool, to see the most popular Google searches today. This tool helps you bring more people to your website or blog. I'll teach you how to use it. To rank #1 for a search term, there needs to be very little competition. The first screen shot below…read more →

Does Your SEO Program Look Like The Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys by any measure have had a miserable season.  Slumping. Boring. Slow. Undisciplined. No innovation or ingenuity. Stalling. No vision or leadership. And, as a result, no movement up the division ranks.  Why do I bring this up in a Las Vegas SEO article otherwise unrelated to the world of sports?  We will get back that. As I…read more →

Characteristics of an Ethical SEO Firm

With all of the bad press circulating the news networks about the struggling Nevada economy, observers from outside of Las Vegas must be thinking “How is anybody making it out there in such a messed up economy?” Enter Advise Media Group. We are a Las Vegas success story in the making, and a soon-to-be national, home-grown business that has taken…read more →

Why Every Business Needs Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are two of the major players involved in advertising your website and business online. If your business is not taking advantage of these free accounts, you are most likely losing leads, customers, and credibility. Google, Yahoo and Bing index information from both Twitter and facebook, which means that social media boosts your organic ranking in search results….read more →