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Advise Media CEO’s Radio Interview–Uncovering SEO

Once cited in Golf Magazine for “changing the way the golf courses find their players,” Todd Heskett has built two companies over the past 15 years around that very concept: changing the way businesses reach their target audience. By doing so, Todd has established a reputation in the Las Vegas Valley as a results-oriented, hyper-focused marketing executive who delivers creative,…read more →

J.C. Penney Penalized for Black Hat SEO

Imagine walking into your office only to find that your company's website, which was ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for all 100 of your keywords, has been delisted from all search engines. Months and even years of hard work, a hefty marketing budget and phenomenal business growth is all wiped away. These are the repercussions…read more →

Is The Time Left Before Your Domain Registration Expires An SEO Factor?

Renewing your website address is essential to your business, but are those of you who register one year at a time losing SEO power? Watch this two-minute video from Google Webmaster Matt Cutts which addresses this question. Powered by Advise Media Group, SEO Las Vegas

What’s The Deal With The New .co Domain?

While watching the Super Bowl commercials this year, you may have noticed Go Daddy’s 30-second commercial touting their new web domain extension .co, a short version of the popular and ubiquitous .com extension. Go Daddy is known for racy TV commercials, this year the company plugged their .co domain registrations by unveiling a new Go Daddy Girl (or should I…read more →

Why You Should Hire SEO Consultants

by Robert Johnson Many internet marketers find themselves having difficulty in acquiring a fair amount of traffic for their website. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the principles and concepts that are associated with search engines. Only the affiliates who are familiar with effective search engine tactics will have optimum success with their internet marketing campaigns. Are you having trouble…read more →