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Your URL Influences SEO Efforts

In late February everyone was talking about Panda. It wasn’t a cute, cuddly bear at a zoo, but a massive algorithm change that Google launched aimed at identifying low-quality web pages and web sites. At the same time, the update placed even more importance on website URLs to a web page’s searchability. At our Las Vegas SEO firm, we meet…read more →

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

“Online reputation management” is one of the most popular buzz words of 2011. It actually means that you monitor the Internet reputation of a person, brand or company, with the goal of suppressing negative information, or decreasing the information’s visibility on search engine results pages. One of the best examples of online reputation management is Taco Bell’s response to the…read more →

Company Blogging Has Online Marketing Pay Off

The hardest part of having a company blog is finding the time to do it. Everyone is doing more with less today, and writing about the company just doesn’t seem to fit on your priority list—but it should! Blogging is the best way to create quality “buzz” for your website. That’s right, blogging can help your website show up on…read more →

How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Just consider Facebook as your home on the Internet. It is where you go to see the newest photos and videos posted by your friends, find out what everyone in your online community is talking about and see who is online to chat. Business owners need to stand back and think about how much time they spend on Facebook, and…read more →

Feng Shui for Your Website

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the 5,000-year-old Chinese art of arranging environments to maximize the internal harmony so that inhabitants experience happiness and good fortune. Many Americans have incorporated feng shui into their homes and offices. Now it is time for you to apply feng shui to your website so that users have a positive experience. Navigation Feng Shui…read more →