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How can I find a firm to manage my SEO and SEM?

The Internet has bred a vocabulary all its own to explain and describe its inner workings. “Blog,” “Vlog,” “SEO,” “SEM” and a bewildering array of other acronyms and mash-ups of common words can make the Internet seem like a scary and unfriendly environment. But you know that your competitors are using the Internet to boost their business and seeing record…read more →

Are all Las Vegas SEO companies spam artists?

You’ve worked hard to build your business’s reputation, and now you want to increase your profile on the Internet. But you’ve heard some real horror stories from competitors, colleagues, and friends about advertising companies that claimed to give them a greater Internet presence. They delivered exactly what they promised, but they did so in ways that were questionable or outright…read more →

7 Things You Should Know About Google+

As a Las Vegas SEO company, we are always interested in any new Google product because the massive search engine holds up to 80% of all search volume. The saying, “It is a Google world, and we all just live in it,” is not all that far from the truth nowadays. On June 28, Google launched Google+, a social media…read more →

Will Google’s Social Media Platform Give Facebook a Run for its Money?

Google launched its new social network, Google+, June 28 by invitation only. The newest social media platform is running in a limited field trial and Google admits it is, “Rough around the edges.”  Google+ has already exceeded expectations and had to shut down the invitation-only process because it hit its user capacity in just two days. CBS reports that the…read more →