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Mobile device use up with retailers

Traffic from mobile devices accounted for 18.3 percent of overall Web traffic on Christmas Day, per a study by IBM Coremetrics. The IBM study is proof that consumers are using their mobile devices to shop. The study also compared how Christmas mobile shopping compared to previous years. “For the really smart retailers, the holiday season paid out with the rise of mobile consumers,”…read more →

Google and Firefox for Three More Years

Google has renewed a deal to remain the default search engine within Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. The non-profit foundation said it had “negotiated a significant and mutually beneficial revenue agreement” with Google for the next three years. Some analysts had predicted Google would back out of the deal as it tries to grow the market share of its Chrome browser….read more →

You Tube Analytics

Announcing YouTube Analytics – the next generation in Insight   Video can transcend language and cultural barriers. It can showcase real human moments all across the globe, even the silly ones. Take the video of the talking twin babies. That video was shot in Brooklyn, and has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the…read more →

Penetrating Facebook

We all know that the internet is a constantly changing animal, where techniques that worked as early as a year ago are deemed extinct within the same amount of time. Now that the wave of Google Panda updates seems to have made its impact, with countless thriving businesses being left to sway uncontrollably like orphaned reeds in a cold, relentless…read more →

Spam and How It Affects You

"…roughly seven trillion spam messages were sent out in 2011…" We know the term spam well, but what exactly is it? How does spam interfere with our lives? What, if any, are the ethical issues that surround spamming?  In this article we will address these questions and the issues that surround internet marketing practices and what they mean to us….read more →