3 Social Media New Years Resolutions You Should Make for 2013


Have you given up on New Years resolutions? If you work in social media, harnessing the power of change in 2013 can mean big business for your internet marketing program. Working in the social media field means staying on top of the newest updates and changes, as well as setting small goals to make gains in the virtual world. Implementing at least one of these social media resolutions can lead to social media success in the upcoming year.

Resolution #1: I Will Not Automate

Make your social media personal this year. That means it’s time to say goodbye to your Twitter Direct Message. No one really likes those automated messages and it can make your brand look apathetic and impersonal to new customers and followers. While there’s no harm in connecting your social media accounts, you definitely want to avoid posting one message that gets blasted via every one of those connected networks. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that each social media platform speaks to a different type of community. Investing some time in your social media style and presence can help your online marketing efforts.

Resolution #2: I Will Not Overpost

Everyone has that one friend who floods the Facebook and Twitter feed with useless posts every 5 minutes. Don't be that person to your customers. Less is definitely more when it comes to your social media posts. Facebook suggests that brands start out with publishing on or two posts a week to gain a solid feel for the platform. Several brands post once a day, but studies have shown that posting more than once a day a can clog Facebook feeds and lead to a loss of fans. According to Facebook, the average user “likes” four to six new Pages every month which means you're in a constant battle for attention. Quality wins over quantity in this situation.

Resolution #3: I Will Harness the Power of Video

YouTube is a powerful tool. Don’t be afraid to leverage its capabilities. Over 3 billion videos are viewed everyday on YouTube, and it services a wide range of viewers (the average viewing age ranges from 18 to 54 years old!) Get creative and start creating tutorials, vlogs, reviews… you name it! Don’t forget to optimize your video posts for maximum SEO and social media power.

Implementing even one of these resolutions in your advertising plan can drastically increase your revenue.  

What are your social media resolutions for 2013? Have you already implemented one of the previously mentioned resolutions into your marketing program? Has it made an impact? Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your social media experiences! 



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