5 Old SEO Practices That May Be Hurting Your Business


It's common knowledge that Google controls approximately over 70% of all search enging traffic, so becoming invisible to Google could very well be the downfall of your website.  But with the constant changes in the rules and regulations for SEO practices, your site could lose all traffic to it before you even have enough time to figure out what went wrong. If you want to avoid this happening to you, here are some of the top SEO practices that may hurt (or already be hurting) your business:

1. Article Submission

Articles and blogs are great, but not when they are filled with random links or thin content. You should put in some extra effort in building a relationship with other bloggers who could "put in a good word" about you in their own sites legitimately because your site has something to offer rather than just being filled with random links.

2. Writing Bad Content

Ever heard of quality not quanitity?  This couldn't be more true in the world of the internet. Don't spend all of your valuable time writing the same thing over and over, instead, focus on writing quality work that the readers will actually find useful or entertaining.  This will increase your credibility and bring in more visitors.

3. Press Releases without News

Yes, press releases will help spread your name out to the masses, but producing a press release without anything actually newsworthy can only backfire on you. Nobody said getting your name out there would be easy.  Instead focus on actually doing something newsworthy and the press releases will come naturally because you'll have something substantial to tell the world.

4. Ignoring Social Signals

Most sites you visit will have a way to communicate with the company, but, as a potential client, what could be worst than sending them a message and never hearing back?  You probably won't go back to that site and will spread negative feedback about them.  As a business owner, having a way to communicate with your clients is absolutely necessary but it is just as important to not ignore them and actually build a relationship by getting back to them quickly, accurately, and honestly.

5. Concentrating on Google Only

Yes, we know Google dominates most of the search engine availability, however, they are not the only ones out there.  It's the same theory as "putting all your eggs in one basket"… you're told to never do this by your financial advisor and we are telling you not to do this when it comes to web optimization. 


By seoz87

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