6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Website Go Viral on Pinterest


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At first glance Pinterest might seem to be just a website that allows you to easily share photos of interesting ideas with others.  Delving in a little deeper, however, many bloggers have figured out how to use Pinterest as a powerful tool to boost their own blog post views dramatically and very, very quickly.  If you want to give your blog its' very own 15 minutes of fame (or longer!), follow these basic rules:

1.  Make sure that your photos are pinnable!

What good will it do if you have an awesome blog post with equally rad photos if they are not pinnable? If you are using Flickr to host your photos, make sure that you check the "Creative Commons" box when uploading a new photo to get it ready for pinning. You don't want to get in trouble for violating a copyright law.

2.  Don't cover up your photos with text

With a website like Pinterest, you literally only get 1 second to get someone's attention enough to click on your photo. This means that you need to make sure that your photo is unique and eye catching. This won't happen if the photo is covered in distracting text.

3.  Use interesting headlines and descriptions for your photos

You've now gotten people to start clicking on your image but are you sure they know what they are looking at?  Don't take any chances. Write a unique but very clear headline and/or description under it so you have no doubts.

4. Write impressive and unique content 

While a picture really does say 1,000 words, it won't do very well on Pinterest if you dont have an equally impressive blog linked to it.  Remember that people are always looking for ways to do something faster and cheaper so try and think about that audience while writing your blogs.

5. Colaborate with other bloggers

This is incredibly important to go viral on Pinterest. Always remember that you need to get your blog's name out to as many people as possible if you want it to be successful.  Don't make enemies with your blog's competition.  Instead, collaborate with those bloggers. Write guest artcles and be sure to link back to your own site often.

6. Track your pins

You want to know how successful your blog is with regards to pins, don't you?  To see what is being pinned from your own site use the following URL:


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