The Biggest Social Media Trends of 2012


As we head into the holiday season, we can look back and reflect on the past year to see how much internet marketing and social engagement have changed. The world of social media evolves so quickly; it's fun to capture the speeding trends of the past months.


It doesn't matter whether you're blue or red – you must admit that this administration has fully embraced social media. From his Twitter feed that announced his recent win, to his online interviews and Reddit Q&A sessions, and even his Facebook ads, this president has truly changed the way candidates use social media.

Image Intensive Marketing

Many social media sites have gone very image-heavy. Facebook even went so far as to allow fan pages much more (and much larger) images. Studies have shown that pictures get twice as many likes as text updates.

Pinterest for Branding

Due to the upward trend of image-based content, Pinterest is now the number three most popular social media site – and brands have taken notice. In fact, nearly 10% have added "pin it" buttons on their retail websites.

Kickstarting Success

Kickstarter has become the most prominent way to crowdfund new projects, but it's also getting attention as a marketing tool. Companies are now using the platform to generate pre-launch buzz around new products.

Brands as People

Following the likes of Jack in the Box, many brands are posting on social media sites as if they are a person. The idea is that we identifiy and engage with a person we'd be friends with – rather that a faceless corporation. From quirky Tweets and Facbook updates to large-scale milestone celebrations and cutomer thankyous on Youtube, companies are talking to us more than advertising at us. Hopefully this trend will mean more customer-focused product development, too.

What will 2012 have in store for the social media world? Watch for more video integration and new ways to incorporate different platforms via tools such as Storify, and that's just the start. If you're a business owner looking to cash in on these trends, contact Advise Media Group at (702) 951-7581 for internet marketing in Las Vegas

Do you have a vision of what's the come? Share it with us here!


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