Building Strong Relationships Builds Stronger Links


Link building is like a rolling snowball. Strong, quality links should segway into more quality links, but we’re not always thinking the strongest and the best when we’re in hot pursuit of new links. When the work starts piling up sometimes a link is just a link and that’s that. But if we’ve learned anything from the internet marketing game it’s that with the new changes in Google, building strong links that build strong links are the best way to go.

A strong way to build links is to build relationships. It is not an overly complicated process, but it does take time and it makes a lot of sense. While the idea of linking to sites that link to you to gain more link power has been overdone, it’s still an important facet of link building. If you’re a dressmaker and you sell a dress at a local boutique, you’re probably going to want to tell people about the boutique that’s selling your dress in conjunction with your dress.

While link building is a technical calling card it’s usually a good rule of thumb to remember that links are more than just a virtual way to reach you. While the end goal for a link is important, shouldn’t the actual method of bringing in customers and users be important too? In essence, shouldn’t you promote whatever is promoting you?

Creating quality, stand out links is probably easier than you realize. Let’s delve into some handy tips that play key roles in the creation of robust link building.

Monitor your social media mentions…

There are a myriad of tools available to help monitor your social media and I highly recommend it’s an incredibly powerful tool that helps you monitor every single aspect of your social media as well generate easy to digest reports. Good for you, good for clients! When someone reaches out to you positively it’s well worth your time to respond accordingly with a thank you. Returning kindnesses and favors carries a lot of weight in social media and building a group of followers who share content for you. Socializing with followers allows them to feel appreciated and makes everyone happy.

Appeal to the industry leaders…

You probably have a pretty good idea of the leading social media leaders that you want to connect with on a business front. Don’t be afraid to tag the important people if you’re trying to win their attention.

But don’t forget about the little guys…

The big dogs don’t always deliver all the glory. If there are people following you and they don’t have a multitude of flowers don’t ignore them. These are the followers that are most likely going to be the most likely to really engage with your social media efforts and share your information. Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands and people who aren’t big names in the industry.

It all sounds so easy, and maybe you won’t always come out on the other side with the exact outcome you had planned, but that’s the name of the game when it comes to link building. SEO has always been a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of game. It’s hard work…and sometimes it’s a lot of work. Socializing via social media and building steady relationships doesn’t always further link building efforts, but in the spirit of making the most out of relationships it’s helpful to remember that relationship building can be fruitful in many ways outside of link building.


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