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How SEO Will Change in 2016

How SEO Will Change in 2016

Jayson DeMers recently published a good article on about what to look for in SEO (search engine optimization) in 2016, and in turn, which marketing strategies you may want to adopt to stay competitive. First, he summarized some of the biggest changes in SEO during 2015, including: – The “Mobilegeddon update,” which penalized sites lagging behind in the mobile compliance area…read more →

Mobile device use up with retailers

Traffic from mobile devices accounted for 18.3 percent of overall Web traffic on Christmas Day, per a study by IBM Coremetrics. The IBM study is proof that consumers are using their mobile devices to shop. The study also compared how Christmas mobile shopping compared to previous years. “For the really smart retailers, the holiday season paid out with the rise of mobile consumers,”…read more →

Google and Firefox for Three More Years

Google has renewed a deal to remain the default search engine within Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. The non-profit foundation said it had “negotiated a significant and mutually beneficial revenue agreement” with Google for the next three years. Some analysts had predicted Google would back out of the deal as it tries to grow the market share of its Chrome browser….read more →

You Tube Analytics

Announcing YouTube Analytics – the next generation in Insight   Video can transcend language and cultural barriers. It can showcase real human moments all across the globe, even the silly ones. Take the video of the talking twin babies. That video was shot in Brooklyn, and has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the…read more →

How to find a great SEO company

Looking for a firm that can help your business get out there and compete on the Internet isn’t easy. Everyone’s throwing around jargon and terms that don’t mean much to the layperson, and don’t put you any closer to actually getting your business noticed. Cryptic terms and cross-my-heart promises are all very well and good, but you didn’t get where…read more →

Which companies can help me successfully market my business online?

Successful business marketing these days demands a strong Internet presence. Borders Bookstores is one cautionary example of how failing to adapt to the ever-growing online market can be a costly, even fatal mistake.  Just like in nature, that which cannot adapt will also not flourish, as Borders shows. No one wants to be at the helm when their business stops…read more →

How can I find a firm to manage my SEO and SEM?

The Internet has bred a vocabulary all its own to explain and describe its inner workings. “Blog,” “Vlog,” “SEO,” “SEM” and a bewildering array of other acronyms and mash-ups of common words can make the Internet seem like a scary and unfriendly environment. But you know that your competitors are using the Internet to boost their business and seeing record…read more →

Top Ten Reasons Your Search Engine Marketing is Failing

10. Everyone claims to be a SEO Guru. Or a professional poker player. Or has a real estate license. Or all of the above. AKA… “unemployed.” 9. Google and the FBI have one thing in common; they know how to keep a secret. Really, really, well. Understanding the former separates Great SEO from the fray. 8. Keeping clients ignorant prevents…read more →