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You Tube Analytics

Announcing YouTube Analytics – the next generation in Insight   Video can transcend language and cultural barriers. It can showcase real human moments all across the globe, even the silly ones. Take the video of the talking twin babies. That video was shot in Brooklyn, and has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the…read more →

How to find a great SEO company

Looking for a firm that can help your business get out there and compete on the Internet isn’t easy. Everyone’s throwing around jargon and terms that don’t mean much to the layperson, and don’t put you any closer to actually getting your business noticed. Cryptic terms and cross-my-heart promises are all very well and good, but you didn’t get where…read more →

Which companies can help me successfully market my business online?

Successful business marketing these days demands a strong Internet presence. Borders Bookstores is one cautionary example of how failing to adapt to the ever-growing online market can be a costly, even fatal mistake.  Just like in nature, that which cannot adapt will also not flourish, as Borders shows. No one wants to be at the helm when their business stops…read more →

Are all Las Vegas SEO companies spam artists?

You’ve worked hard to build your business’s reputation, and now you want to increase your profile on the Internet. But you’ve heard some real horror stories from competitors, colleagues, and friends about advertising companies that claimed to give them a greater Internet presence. They delivered exactly what they promised, but they did so in ways that were questionable or outright…read more →

Will Google’s Social Media Platform Give Facebook a Run for its Money?

Google launched its new social network, Google+, June 28 by invitation only. The newest social media platform is running in a limited field trial and Google admits it is, “Rough around the edges.”  Google+ has already exceeded expectations and had to shut down the invitation-only process because it hit its user capacity in just two days. CBS reports that the…read more →

The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Panda Algorithm

Everyone in the online marketing world is still talking about Google’s substantial algorithm change this past February. The change was called “Panda,” and several companies are still reeling from the change that was aimed at identifying low-quality websites. Our Las Vegas SEO firm actually welcomed the Panda update because it weeded out a lot of junk on the search engine…read more →

How to Hire an SEO Company

We estimate that there are more bad SEO companies out there, than good SEO companies. We have come to this decision because over half of our clients were burned by an SEO company before they found us. With this type of history, we deliver a lot of TLC to these clients because we want them to see and experience the…read more →

Public Relations and SEO Should Always Partner

Anyone who works in public relations will admit that traditional media is moving to digital media. PR professionals need to understand search engine optimization in order to perform at the highest level for their clients or company. The Public Relations Society of America in Las Vegas understands this concept and invited a top-performing Las Vegas SEO company, Advise Media Group,…read more →

Low-Cost SEO Plan Helps Small Businesses

Google has placed significant importance on Google Maps and reviews as they now dominate Google's page 1 on local searches. Local search occurs any time you search for a product or service along with a place, such as "Las Vegas hotels" or "pizzerias in San Francisco." Advise Media Group is launching a new search engine optimization program that allows businesses…read more →

White Hat SEO Is The Way To Go

You may have read some of the headlines this past month about big companies like J.C. Penney, BMW and in trouble for black hat SEO practices (if not, click here to read the article). In the case of J.C. Penney, the industry giant was using a link-building farm which posted their links on dead or unrelated websites. For instance,…read more →