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AMG Adds New Team Member

Guest Blogger: Tarah GoldKlang Do you want to work in an office with dynamic, smart, very funny people? So did I! Here I am at Advise Media Group, and loving going to work, every day. More importantly, don’t you want to partner with skilled, intelligent people who will help you design a Las Vegas SEO campaign that pops? I’ve worked…read more →

Black Hat SEO Not Worth the Risk

As a Las Vegas SEO firm, we always advise clients to select an SEO company that will perform white hat services that follow Google Webmaster Guidelines. Even though some companies “guarantee” that they can have you listed on page 1 of search results for all of your keywords in a matter of days–this could be the worst decision that you…read more →

Google’s 3 “Musts” for Your 2011 SEO Strategy

We were thrilled to hear that Google’s top objectives for a robust SEO strategy in 2011 followed everything our Las Vegas SEO company was already doing. Matt Cutts works for Google’s Search Quality group, and is a spokesperson for SEO advice and enforcing the Google Webmaster Guidelines. In a short video clip, Matt explains why the following four issues should…read more →

Your URL Influences SEO Efforts

In late February everyone was talking about Panda. It wasn’t a cute, cuddly bear at a zoo, but a massive algorithm change that Google launched aimed at identifying low-quality web pages and web sites. At the same time, the update placed even more importance on website URLs to a web page’s searchability. At our Las Vegas SEO firm, we meet…read more →

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

“Online reputation management” is one of the most popular buzz words of 2011. It actually means that you monitor the Internet reputation of a person, brand or company, with the goal of suppressing negative information, or decreasing the information’s visibility on search engine results pages. One of the best examples of online reputation management is Taco Bell’s response to the…read more →

Company Blogging Has Online Marketing Pay Off

The hardest part of having a company blog is finding the time to do it. Everyone is doing more with less today, and writing about the company just doesn’t seem to fit on your priority list—but it should! Blogging is the best way to create quality “buzz” for your website. That’s right, blogging can help your website show up on…read more →

SEO Hotness

We are the first to admit that well-done search engine optimization is part science and part art. One of our employees found this great video which gives the SEO science some creative flair. Enjoy! Powered by Advise Media Group, SEO Las Vegas

Advise Media CEO’s Radio Interview–Uncovering SEO

Once cited in Golf Magazine for “changing the way the golf courses find their players,” Todd Heskett has built two companies over the past 15 years around that very concept: changing the way businesses reach their target audience. By doing so, Todd has established a reputation in the Las Vegas Valley as a results-oriented, hyper-focused marketing executive who delivers creative,…read more →

Google Analytics Checklist | Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization

One of our favorite, free tools is Google Analytics which delivers statistical information on your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It is powerful, flexible and easy to use, and is completely free. As a Las Vegas search engine optimization firm, we utilize Google Analytics for each and every client and use it as our report card. We can show clients…read more →

Trend Watchers Riding the Technology Wave

When I first heard about the 140 character updates on a platform called Twitter, I thought it would be forgotten about in a week. That was July of 2006. Four and a half years later, Twitter has 190 million users generating 65 million tweets a day. So now I look at technology a bit differently because I don’t want to…read more →