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Most Popular Google Searches Today

The popular searches are funny, sexy, and positive. Use the Google keyword search tool, to see the most popular Google searches today. This tool helps you bring more people to your website or blog. I'll teach you how to use it. To rank #1 for a search term, there needs to be very little competition. The first screen shot below…read more →

Google’s New Local Search Results Causes Eyes To Itch, Tilt, Spin, Bleed, Implode

Is Google’s new “Place Search” driving you crazy?  Giving you a migraine? Causing you diarrhea? Well, us too, along with a ton of users, bloggers, SEO’s, clients, women & children…even the family dog can’t make heads or tails of Google’s new local search results. Ok, for Google-watchers this has been on the agenda for several months now. We first caught…read more →

301 Redirects for SEO: How to Properly Migrate to a New Domain

Amidst the mass confusion (and conflicting information) regarding the utilization of 301 redirects comes clarity in the voice of the CEO of SEO.  When migrating to a new domain, many SEO’s overthink the usage of 301 as a means to an end, causing paralysis by analysis and, ultimately, failed attempts to manage this crucial aspect of search engine optimization.  At…read more →