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Google’s New Local Search Results Causes Eyes To Itch, Tilt, Spin, Bleed, Implode

Is Google’s new “Place Search” driving you crazy?  Giving you a migraine? Causing you diarrhea? Well, us too, along with a ton of users, bloggers, SEO’s, clients, women & children…even the family dog can’t make heads or tails of Google’s new local search results. Ok, for Google-watchers this has been on the agenda for several months now. We first caught…read more →

301 Redirects for SEO: How to Properly Migrate to a New Domain

Amidst the mass confusion (and conflicting information) regarding the utilization of 301 redirects comes clarity in the voice of the CEO of SEO.  When migrating to a new domain, many SEO’s overthink the usage of 301 as a means to an end, causing paralysis by analysis and, ultimately, failed attempts to manage this crucial aspect of search engine optimization.  At…read more →