Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Can you show me examples of your previous work and share some success stories?

    Advise Media Group is happy to provide client referrals, examples of work performed, rankings reports, and traffic data and analysis upon request.  We also have a library of case studies that we are happy to share with current and potential clients.  We have a ‘complete transparency’ policy, so simply ask us and we will deliver!

  • Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

    All work performed on behalf of our clients follows SEO best practices and strictly adheres to both W3C Convention and Google Webmaster Guidelines.  What does this mean for our clients?  Quality work begets strong rankings, and we will represent your brand across all platforms with absolute professionalism.

  • Do you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business?

    We are a comprehensive search marketing provider.  Our services include all aspects of search marketing (both paid and organic), content development and marketing, social media strategy and execution, as well as re-marketing programs that work seamlessly to provide our clients with strong exposure across all platforms.

  • What kind of results do you expect to see, and in what timeframe? How do you measure your success?

    As a performance based company, we do not require contracts and operate on a month-to-month basis. Simply, we perform for our clients and they are under no obligation to move forward in any given month should they feel that we are not doing our job.  We provide monthly reports on traffic, conversions (when available), rankings and other factors to help you measure the impact of our work on your bottom line.  Well-done SEO does take time, discipline, and consistent work in order to achieve our goals…for most clients, we tend to cover our costs by the 2nd month and produce a consistent return on investment by month 4-6.

  • What’s your experience and how long have you been in business?

    The founders of Advise Media Group have been working in various search marketing capacities since the mid 1990’s, when SEO was in it’s infancy.  We have built our careers around this emerging (now mainstream) media and the two owners have over 30 years of combined experience in search marketing.  Advise Media Group was founded in 2007 to provide affordable, high-quality SEO solutions for small and mid sized businesses. Today, we have a team of 12+ dedicated search marketing & rich media professionals who deliver the very best in search marketing solutions.

  • What are your most important SEO techniques?

    SEO has become such a complex environment that each method and technique we execute on a monthly basis is entirely dependent on other functions that work together. However, it’s all about quality work, quality content, quality link building, and precise management of all the above for your website to perform well in the online marketplace.

  • How can I expect to communicate with you? Will you share with me all the changes you make to my site, and provide detailed information about your recommendations and the reasoning behind them?

    We are available for our clients- simple.  At Advise Media Group ‘service’ is not overhead….we are located in downtown Las Vegas, have an open door policy, and are committed to a collaborative and transparent environment that is necessary in achieving the goal of driving exposure for your business.  We are happy to provide our clients with all work, changes, and suggestions prior to putting these pieces in place.