How To Get Your Blog to Go Viral on StumbleUpon


Blogging is easy, but getting people to atually find and read what you've spent so much time and effort writing can be difficult. That is the dilemma many bloggers face.

That's where StumbleUpon comes in. This website is very aptly named, as it literally lets readers to "stumble upon" your blog and your articles. The concept is easy: the more stumbles and likes you get, the greater chance you have of going viral. 

You won't come up first on StumbleUpon's list by writing mediocre articles or by filling your post with worthless keywords. If you want to get your post to go viral, practice some of the following tips I'm about to give you.

1.  Organic is the only way to go

No, this isn't about pesticides. This is about Likes.  You want as many Likes as possible, but you don't want them from just anyone. If people on your Friends list  on StumbleUpon like your post it won't exactly help you too much. The rating matrix that StumbleUpon uses to rate the articles is very complex, but one thing is for sure: having everyone on your friends list on the site like your posts won't get you to viral status anytime soon. You will get a higher rating if the people who like your blogs are unique visitors who just happened to stumble upon your blog.

2. Your friends aren't worthless!

Just because Likes from people on your friends list won't help you reach the top quickly doesn't mean their words won't help. Use your friends to help spread the word and not just through the internet, but by real-life, old fashioned word of mouth. Have them share your articles. The more friends share your article, the wider your audience is getting.  Your friends are your best (and cheapest!) form of advertising.

3. Timing is key

When you first submit a post, chances are it will rank higher on people's searches, even without any Likes. The key is to going viral is to stay on the top of the list. The timing of when you publish a blog is essential.  It's actually pretty simple: posting a blog at 2am local time will get far fewer views than posting a blog at 6pm when more people are online and surfing the web.

4. List and be an authority

Writing a quality blog post is one of the biggest deciding factors on whether or not a post will go viral. But "quality" is like art; it's in the eye of the beholder. So what constitutes a quality blog post according to StumbleUpon? It's hard to tell.  Generally speaking, writers that portray themselves as authorities or experts in a field combined with a "list post" do better on StumbleUpon than personal blogs. So write things like "The World's Best…" or "Top 5…" and you will hopefully see better results.

5.  Use big, bright, and bold pictures

Always remember the 3 B's when deciding what photo to post. You want an image that will instantly grab the attention of a reader who comes upon your page. If you get their attention with your photo, you will more than likely reel them in to read the rest of your blog. Remember that first impressions are super important and that you only get one!

If you'd like to take bringing readers to your blogs more seriously, hiring a professional is a good idea.  A Las Vegas internet marketing company like Advise Media Group could be just what you need to bring attention to your blog and expand your audience.

Are there any tips or tricks that have helped bring you success with StumbleUpon?  Tell us in the comments below!

photo credit: Sarah G… via photopin cc

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