Make Your Business Website More Trustworthy in 4 Simple Steps

With an abundance of internet sites claiming to be trustworthy and offer consumers honest and educational information, it's difficult to decipher the truth and weed out the bad apples, which is why it's imperative that, as a company, you ensure that your website has a number of elements to provide well-educated and informative, truthful information. Here is a compiled list that will help increase your customer's confidence in your site.

1. Display Testimonials
More individuals read and rely on customer testimonials than ever before, according to an article by Kronik Media. Allow customers to post truthful answers on your site and you'll earn the respect of customers while garnering repeat customers as well.

2. Add full contact info
Allowing your customers to contact you both through phone calls and email is an extremely important measure to include in your website. Many indivduals do conduct research on a company prior to conducting business with that company and if they can't reach you, they will find another company that they can get contact easily.

3. Add a list of old or current clients
Displaying your older and current clients will give your new and returning customers confidence in your portfolio of work and will help keep clients intrigued as to who you have done work for and how broad you reach is among your clients.

4. Blog onsite

Blogging is the easiest way to provide educational information on your products and your site to customers on a regular basis. Outdated blogs can be frustrating for a consumer looking for new and updated information.


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