Manage Your Facebook Timeline For Success

Facebook Timeline officially unveiled Brand Pages in March of 2012, but many marketers still aren’t sure how to get the most from the new(ish) design. Fan growth has decreased since the introduction of the Timeline, so if your brand's Facebook is suffering from slowdown, here are some tips to help you recoup.

There are some things that remain a standard across all social media platforms – be genuine, maintain a human voice, reply to your fans, create conversations, avoid gimmicks and don’t run the same content and syntax across every social platform. The tips we’ve listed below are specifically honed toward the Facebook Timeline Brand Pages and are designed to take your business' fan base to the next level.

Simply managing your Facebook page well offers a wealth of gain and possibility. The more engaging and useful your content is, the more it will be liked, shared and commented on, which leads to organic development of buzz through a variety of news feeds.

Harness the Power of Images

Timeline places a keen focus on images more so than its Brand Page predecessors, so start showing off. Fancy camera equipment isn’t necessary and a smart phone is much more efficient and effective. Show your fans what happens behind the scenes. Sketches and mockups are relatable and mouth-watering food shots can make Likes soar. Social media automatically makes business accessible, so take advantage of Timeline to offer an insider peek into the human side of your company.

Take Advantage of Your Cover Photo

You cover photo is prime real estate. It should capture the culture and essence of your brand – it’s the first thing users see when they visit your company’s page. Consumers will give your cover photo more attention than any of the content on the wall, so think about the image and message of your cover photo. Opt for a high-resolution image and promote your human side with faces. Cover photos with faces always attract more attention than those without.

The cover photo is your opportunity to tell the story of your company and bring people in. You can change your cover image as much as you want and you can crop a photo to make it the perfect size here. Just avoid cramming a bunch of text into your cover image. It’s not engaging and it conflicts with Facebook’s Page Guidelines, which prohibits you from having more than twenty percent of text on your cover image.

Cradled in the cover photo is the traditional profile photo. If you have a great cover photo, the profile photo is the perfect place for your company’s logo. This is the image that will accompany the brand’s comments and posts, so it should clearly define your brand.

Review Your Insights

Facebook works for you in a lot of ways, especially in the analytics field. It’s up to you to understand what it all means and how you can use the details to your advantage. Facebook tells you who your new fans are and divides them based on gender and location to help you better understand who you’re talking to.

If you opt to use a mix of paid and organic tools to reign in fans, Insights will tell you how you’re reaching people so you know where to spend your time and money. You even have the option of exporting the Insights data for deeper analysis. Here’s what you can expect to see in your Insights dashboard:

§  People Talking About This (PTAT) – The number of people that are engaging with your page. This includes anyone who “liked” something, commented, responded to questions or shared content. This goes beyond the old standard of just assessing likes and clicks.

§  Friends of Fans – The composite number of friends that all your fans have. Each post has the potential to reach those fans because their comment or Like will show on their friends’ news feed, which helps the reach of your content.

§  Reach – This refers to the total number of people who saw content connected to your page. It gives you an idea of how far your content or message has traveled.

§  Virality – This is the percentage of fans who saw content from your page and responded by liking, sharing or leaving a comment. Your virality percentage helps you assess your engagement and can help you make appropriate changes to the content you produce.

Highlight Your Strongest Photos

Facebook doesn’t list posts in chronological flow anymore. You can draw more attention to specific posts by highlighting it. Highlight your company’s most pertinent information by selecting the small star icon in the top right corner of the posts on your Timeline. Doing this displays your update across the width of your page and gives key information, photos and news more weight.

Facebook encourages users to take advantage of their “Pin to Top” option on your Timeline. You can pin something onto the Timeline so it becomes larger and extends its shelf life. It also becomes the first thing seen within the Timeline. Facebook users are constantly subjected to information. Pinning helps reduce the clutter and helps your fans see your best content. 

Organize Your Apps

Your apps are located right below your cover photo and Like button. Your apps receive more views than everything that falls below them on the Timeline model. Apps now includes photos, videos, events, notes and a wide variety of more 3,000 other options to help customize your Facebook page. Fashion companies can ad Polyvore apps and restaurants can feature apps with their menu. Custom built apps allow you to add promotions and specials for your fans with the added bonus of a customized thumbnail.

Facebook Timeline offers businesses and brands a great opportunity to maximize their presence in the most social environment on the web. What are your best Facebook Timeline practices? Tell us in the comments section below.

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