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The Brightest Ideas

In today’s complex online marketplace, cutting through the clutter to deliver your brand’s marketing message requires creative solutions, innovative thinking, detailed implementation, and comprehensive SEO techniques.

There are simply no shortcuts or ‘one size fits all’ solutions that effectively drive customers to your website.

At ADvise Media Group, we author big ideas.  We develop detailed strategies. We execute seamlessly.

From comprehensive analysis of your business, to detailed competitor and keyword research, to cutting edge SEO techniques, you can rely on the team at ADvise Media Group to deliver a successful online marketing program for your business.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving rankings in natural (organic) search results on major and minor search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In general, the better a site ranks for a given keyword or set of keywords, the more traffic that site will receive.  At ADvise Media Group, we work to improve on underperforming keywords as well as to rank sites that have virtually no exposure for any keyword that is relevant to the services and products offered on a client's website. 

SEO takes time, discipline, and solid execution to be successful.  There are no shortcuts, and quality work will always win out over junk produced by many SEO firms across the globe.  Essentially, we manage 'all the moving parts' in flawless fashion to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of targeted traffic and dominate your industry for the lion's share of clicks.

It should be noted that we strictly adhere to Google Webmaster guidelines and follow W3C convention (aka: white hat SEO) to ensure that when our clients rank, they do so for the long haul!

Why You Need SEO…Sooner Rather Than Later


In 2011, 78% of all purchases made in the US started with online search. As consumers become more savvy and the online marketplace becomes more cluttered, having strong visibility and a clear-cutting message means that you 'win' more business over your competitors.

SEO, as part of an overall marketing approach, provides you with access to a significant amount of potential customers that are shopping online for the exact products and services you offer.

And if those customers are not finding you, they are certainly finding your competition!




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Managing Budgets With Precision

Driving paid traffic to your site is one thing. Driving highly-targeted paid traffic to your site is an entirely different conversation.

ADvise Media Group has been providing targeted, paid search solutions since 1997, managing millions of dollars in Pay Per Click advertising in the process. Long before Google and other search engine giants appeared on the scene, we honed our skills on platforms such as, the pioneer in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques.

When it comes to managing your “hard advertising dollars,” be sure that you are trusting in the capable hands of an industry expert. Our team is comprised of Certified Google Adwords Professionals, and we are dedicated to the science and art that is search engine marketing.

By utilizing creative, precise ad copy, strategic keyword placement, comprehensive data analysis & reporting, and daily management / refinements, we create SEM solutions that drive a positive ROI for your business.

Search Engine Marketing solutions from ADvise Media Group. Anything else is just wasted spend.


Make An Immediate Impact

If SEO is a marathon, then marketing on Google, Bing & Facebook is more like a sprint. SEM (PayPerClick) provides effective, targeted solutions that drive traffic to your site within 48 hours of creating ads on these platforms. Ads can be highly targeted by zip code, age, sex, interests, income level, education level and many other demographic factors that help to refine your audience. Additionally, you only pay for traffic that actually hits your site, providing immediate exposure and driving business while SEO efforts take off.

At ADvise Media Group, we closely manage your campaigns & target audience to mitigate wasted ad spend, and conservatively 'grow' into the marketplace as performance is measured. The point? Drive a positive ROI as quickly as possible without wasting your hard earned money.

Minor Sites. Major Traffic.

There are several platforms that also are capable of delivering large, qualified traffic to your site while also helping to drive ROI. Ads on platforms such as,, and others can help really define your target audience and drive traffic that converts at a very high rate. We work in all SEM platforms and have access to tools and software that hones on your defined customers and delivers your message at the precise moment users are searching for the services and products you offer.

Keep Your Message Front & Center

Retargeting is a process that involves serving your ads (text, image, or video) to users who have visited your site, bounced off, and continue to browse the internet.

How Does It Work?

When a user visits your website and becomes familiar with your brand, a 'cookie' is installed on the user's browser, allowing for retargeting platforms (such as Google & Adroll) to serve your ads after the user leaves your site.

Why Is It Effective?

The conversion rates tend to soar when users are consistently made aware of products and services available on your website. By delivering highly relevant, targeted ads to users who have engaged your website, the 'sales cycle' is shorter and the likelihood of converting to a sale can increase by as much as 30%.



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Social Media Solutions

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Social Media That Soars

Ranking well in search results is only part of the equation. Without a solid social media presence, and a true strategy to drive users to your social pages, you are missing out on putting your message in front of interested users. Marketing via social media is a critical step in your overall approach to ensuring that you are 'anywhere and everywhere' users search for your products and services.

Additionally, it let's users know that you care about interacting with them in a more informal manner, and that the store is open and the lights are on.

The driving force behind a strong social media campaign starts with strategy and ends with execution….we excel at both!

Let us work with you on developing an engaging strategy that users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other major platforms rely on to make purchasing decisions. The importance cannot be overstated.

Spread The News & Network To Interested Users

One of the often overlooked platforms available to you are sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and many others that help spread your message to the masses with the simple click of a mouse. Users 'gather' in social news & networking sites to do just that- network and spread news.

A well managed social networking strategy can bring windfalls that you never considered, and we can show you the way. Our experience in social media predates Facebook, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.



ADvise Media Group. Proven. Measured. Results.

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Rich Media Production

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Rich Media For All Audiences

The power of the moving image is undeniable and has often been cited as a key influence over audiences.

Whether it’s a political story to tell, one that encourages viewers to donate to a charity or one that sparks a generation to dress in a particular style, a one minute of video is worth 1.8m words. (

Video is a platform that provides a multi-sensory experience – a visual, audio and emotional experience all rolled into one. Video (and still imagery) is much more engaging than text, and viewers are able to react to video in their own personal way, creating an interactive experience that is often shared sharing with friends via social media.

Brands want to convince consumers to come back to them and create a level of awareness and recognition in an entertaining way. At ADvise Media Group (in collaboration with Running Bull Productions), we create video that is memorable, engaging, and interactive.

Video has the ability to change people’s behavior; done effectively, we define your brand's position and remain firmly in the minds of your target audience.

So, why should you consider video for your products or services?

  • Video is more engaging than other forms of communication. It appeals to more of the senses.
  • Video provides an opportunity for you to build trust. You can communicate in a casual, conversational style.
  • Video gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the product—especially if that product is you!

Visit our Video Gallery

Share Your Information Visually (It's better that way!)

Infographics are all the rage these days. Why? Sharing data visually is a much more engaging and interactive means of putting critical information in front of users in an entertaining manner. Images (and video) are shared socially at a considerably higher rate than text and fact sheets. Below are examples of infographics produced at ADvise Media Group:

Visit our Infographic Gallery

Creative Design and Implementation

On-site imagery sets the tone for your overall web presence and, implemented effectively, will create a seamless and enjoyable experience from a user perspective.

As users become less and less willing to read text and pages of information, you can count on ADvise Media Group to deliver a detailed strategy that uses rich media for specific on-site calls to action, promotional items, events, and elements that drive users to specific areas of your site. It's all about taking your traffic and converting it to customers…the importance of images (and rich media on the whole) cannot be overstated.



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Web Development

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Where Science and Art Meet

Without a solid, professional website presence, the amount of traffic (even targeted traffic) we deliver to your site is pointless.

Did you know that you have 7 seconds to engage users before they make a decision? They either bounce off the site and look elsewhere or they engage with your products and services

Designing a site that is "sticky" and converts the users that find you is a critical step in marketing your business. Think of it like this: your website is your online storefront, and since 78% of purchases made in the US start with online search, it's pretty important that your storefront represents your brand in a manner you can be proud of.

Do Users Trust Your Website?

Simply building a site and getting users to visit is only part of the game. Getting a user and potential customer not familiar with your brand to TRUST the site in delivering an enjoyable experience and seamless experience is an entirely different conversation. At ADvise Media Group in partnership with, we ensure that you have the right look, feel, and message that helps users make a buying decision.

Our Portfolio

Below, you will find many examples of sites we've built on behalf of clients. We adhere to best practices and work to ensure that your brand is well represented online.



ADvise Media Group. Proven. Measured. Results.

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Reporting & Analytics

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Smart Decisions Through Expert Analysis

Your Search Marketing team's report card and the effectiveness of the work provided each month can be reflected in ranking & traffic reports, along with Google Analytics reporting.  We provide comprehensive, transparent reporting that keeps you informed of our performance each month.  Detailed analysis of this reporting is the cornerstone of everything we do at ADvise Media Group.

Ranking Reports – One Measure of Success

Ranking reports that measure the movement of keywords (both up and down) in major search engines are available for our clients every Friday morning.  This information provides us, and our clients, with information we need to make decisions and also provides a snapshot of strengths, weaknesses, and adjustments that need to be made so that your SEO program is successful.

Traffic Reports – Where Do Your Site Visits Originate?

Traffic reports provide an overview of total site visits, the keywords that are driving those site visits, as well as the search engines and referring platforms that are delivering users to your site.  The information we gather from traffic reports is invaluable and helps us to perform at our very best for our clients.

Detailed Analysis Makes All The Difference

Google Analytics is an SEOs bible.  From keyword and traffic performance, to site performance, to demographic information, and on-site user navigation, we would simply be lost without the highly detailed, granular information delivered via Analytics.  We deliver reporting on a monthly basis which helps us gather comprehensive information leading to intelligent business decisions.



ADvise Media Group. Proven. Measured. Results.

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