Social Media Must-Haves: Why Your Business Needs Google Plus

Today it's nearly impossible for a business to not have at least a toe in the waters of social media, but if you want to be actively involved in social media and engage your clientele, then a social media expert you must become. Google Plus is one way to increase your social media presence in a big way. 

1. +1 Your Own Blog

With the +1 tool on Google Plus you can like your own articles and your circle of friends and business connections can see it while the system also begins to customize articles it sends you. 

2. Increase Your SEO Ranking

Did you know that each time you (or someone else) promotes your site on Google Plus (whether it be a blog post, photo or a simple mention), Google's algorithm counts the link towards your site's link portfolio? To put it simply, your site's ranking in Google will go up the more inbound links you have and an extremely easy way to do that is through Google Plus. 

3. Trend Topics of Your Choosing

Search for trending articles and pick and choose what you want to read about. Google your brand's name and see what others are saying about it. Join in on the conversation and should you find negative comment or review, respond to it. Google Plus makes it simple to interact with your customers. Don't wait for them to come to you with a concern; be proactive and seek them out first. 

4. Google Plus is Becoming More Popular than Twitter

This past month, Google Plus has reached 90 million users and we predict that they'll soon overtake Twitter (which claims to have 100 million users).  

Get involved in Google Plus, become a social media expert and watch your business grow.

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