Six Social Media Statistics That Will Amaze You

The idea of promoting a company or brand through social media engagement isn't new. As we all saw in The Social Network, Facebook was launched in 2004 and has been around for 8 years, making it one of the biggest internet marketing platforms of the digital age. Even Twitter, which was created in March 2006, has over 500 million active users, all at your fingertips.


Twitter is still gaining popularity. Over 50 percent of Twitter users have been a member for less than a year, meaning there is more growth and more people signing up on a daily basis.

Facebook has the greatest impact when it comes to purchasing. In 2011, 68 percent of Americans on Facebook said that their social media habits influenced their purchasing decisions.



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Social media isn't just for kids. The fastest growing age group in social media are people between 45-54 years old. In fact, 55 percent of Americans ages 45-54 now have some kind of social networking profile.

Having an online presence is habit-forming. In the past year, 12 million Americans visited their social networking sites more than once a day.



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More users are following more brands. The number of users who are following brands on social media sites has increased 106 percent since 2010.

Most Twitter users are extremely active. Out of all of its millions of members, 76 percent of them post regular status updates.


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