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Being Human in Internet Marketing

Being Human in Internet Marketing

At our Las Vegas SEO firm we’re constantly researching and testing the newest trends and practices in the world of internet marketing and social media. And what we’re noticing in social media is that social media interaction isn’t about the figures and the behaviors that are associated with fads or social trends. The world of social media and internet marketing…read more →

Your URL Influences SEO Efforts

In late February everyone was talking about Panda. It wasn’t a cute, cuddly bear at a zoo, but a massive algorithm change that Google launched aimed at identifying low-quality web pages and web sites. At the same time, the update placed even more importance on website URLs to a web page’s searchability. At our Las Vegas SEO firm, we meet…read more →

Does Your SEO Program Look Like The Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys by any measure have had a miserable season.  Slumping. Boring. Slow. Undisciplined. No innovation or ingenuity. Stalling. No vision or leadership. And, as a result, no movement up the division ranks.  Why do I bring this up in a Las Vegas SEO article otherwise unrelated to the world of sports?  We will get back that. As I…read more →

Characteristics of an Ethical SEO Firm

With all of the bad press circulating the news networks about the struggling Nevada economy, observers from outside of Las Vegas must be thinking “How is anybody making it out there in such a messed up economy?” Enter Advise Media Group. We are a Las Vegas success story in the making, and a soon-to-be national, home-grown business that has taken…read more →

Is Your SEO Program in Good Hands?

Yes, there was a time when link farming, managing multiple sites, submitting your website to directories & search engines each month, updating your meta-data and other “SEO techniques” were the keys to increasing your online exposure.  There was also a time that the world was considered flat, people used the yellow pages, and women couldn’t vote.  Things have certainly changed,…read more →