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Dead Links Hurt SEO Efforts | Las Vegas SEO

Websites range from one page to hundreds or even thousands of pages. Maintaining a large website can be a daunting task, but it is essential for website maintainers to ensure all outgoing links are working, because this does affect your SEO. One of the most important components that search engine robots review on websites is quality. Search engines want quality…read more →

Is Mobile Search the New SEO?

Smartphones are used for more and more functions than just a phone. You can use your smartphone as a GPS, to compare prices on products or to watch the news. One of the most popular uses of smartphones in 2010 is mobile search, also referred to as local search. These genius applications, which include Poynt, White Pages, Mapquest or Around…read more →

Advise Media Group – Consistent, Successful Las Vegas SEO Since 2006

Advise Media Group loves doing SEO in Las Vegas. Located at 1210 S. Valley View Road, Advise Media Group is right in the center of town. We are a team of 9 committed individuals who have a passion for white-hat, transparent, and ethical SEO.  We have had many, many successes, and few defeats (None were performance-based, we did our job)…read more →

Using SEO for Lead Generation

Business-friendly laws+Location=Opportunity If you look at a map of the Southwest United States, oriented so that Las Vegas is in the middle, you will see that Las Vegas is a part of a major hub of large cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego/Tijuana, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, and a hub of smaller, but still relatively large cities such…read more →

Trend Watchers Riding the Technology Wave

When I first heard about the 140 character updates on a platform called Twitter, I thought it would be forgotten about in a week. That was July of 2006. Four and a half years later, Twitter has 190 million users generating 65 million tweets a day. So now I look at technology a bit differently because I don’t want to…read more →


Think you’re a sales or marketing pro? If you are, are doing so with an SEO and social media strategy? Without an effective SEO/Social media strategy, your business might as well be operating in the Iron Age, while your competition is riding ahead into the waves of the future. A business without an SEO/Socia media strategy will have a tough…read more →

Las Vegas SEO Firm Triple Staff Despite Sluggish Economy

Advise Media Group cut the ribbon to commemorate the opening of their new location Nov. 19. The Las Vegas SEO firm moved from Summerlin to their new location at 1210 S. Valley View Blvd. in Las Vegas. The firm, which opened in 2006, helps small to medium-sized businesses with their online presence to include search engine marketing and search engine…read more →

Characteristics of an Ethical SEO Firm

With all of the bad press circulating the news networks about the struggling Nevada economy, observers from outside of Las Vegas must be thinking “How is anybody making it out there in such a messed up economy?” Enter Advise Media Group. We are a Las Vegas success story in the making, and a soon-to-be national, home-grown business that has taken…read more →

Why Every Business Needs Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are two of the major players involved in advertising your website and business online. If your business is not taking advantage of these free accounts, you are most likely losing leads, customers, and credibility. Google, Yahoo and Bing index information from both Twitter and facebook, which means that social media boosts your organic ranking in search results….read more →

Is Your SEO Program in Good Hands?

Yes, there was a time when link farming, managing multiple sites, submitting your website to directories & search engines each month, updating your meta-data and other “SEO techniques” were the keys to increasing your online exposure.  There was also a time that the world was considered flat, people used the yellow pages, and women couldn’t vote.  Things have certainly changed,…read more →