The Top 3 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

It's no secret that a successful blog is one of the keys to prosperous online marketing, but there are common mistakes that marketers should avoid. The top 3 mistakes to steer clear of are included below:

1. Failing to Link to Old Posts

Every post is a valuable part of your blog. Linking to older posts drives traffic and gives new life to those posts. The links contain keywords that assist with search engine rankings. They are one of the best ways to guide Google spiders to your blog site. Linking to older posts is also an excellent way to support a new discussion or point in a new post.

2. Inconsistent Postings and Updates

Perhaps the "golden rule" of blogging is simply providing consistent and regular updates of your blog. Frequent posting of content results in traffic to your site. Determine a writing routine that's comfortable and feasible to maintain.

3. Forgetting to Add Meta Titles and Descriptions

The Meta data included in these Meta title and description areas are extremely important to the way search engines crawl and index blogs. Proper use of keywords function to tell spiders what your site is about. All-in-One SEO pack is an invaluable plug-in that simplifies and streamlines this process.

screen shot of meta data and meta title

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Photo Credit: Cortega9 via Wikipedia Commons.


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