3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog…Now

1. Businesses that blog make more money than those that don't

The trend among businesses with blogs is that the more you blog unique content, the more business you will likely acquire. According to recent statistics, “the more you blog, the more pages Google has to index,” which means you’ll see a return on your blogging investment. Additionally, it has been reported that B2B companies that blog are, on average, getting “67 percent more leads per month.” The numbers don’t lie. Create a blog and watch the consumers come to you.



2. Customers Will See Your Business as More Trustworthy


Producing reliable and regular content is imperative in a corporate or business environment as it increases consumer confidence allowing customers to see you as an industry expert. Additionally, consumers are likely to invest their time in returning to your site for helpful and free information that they can assure is thorough and authentic. Creating a blog also personalizes your website and offers easy one-on-one interaction and feedback with customers, which is invaluable. Once you create your business blog, ensure that you are continually updating content as the average blogger spends approximately 10 hours of their time invested in their blog.

3. Google Loves Fresh Content


Google recently made updates to their search engine optimization algorithms and, according to industry experts, blog producers that are creating fresh content are ensuring a higher ranking than those who are spinning old content over and over again. For those hoping for a top-ranking Google site the answer is simple: produce new, concise content continually and watch your blog rise among your competitors who are only drowning in repetitive content stuffed with keywords.


For more information on building a blog for your website and developing a strategic online marketing plan, click here.


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